Monday, February 05, 2007

Quarter-life Crises don't come with flashy cars :(

As one gets older, one realizes there are subtle changes that occur in one's style that reminds them that they are in fact, getting older. The pink hair is dyed over, the piercings are taken out, the tattoos are cleverly hidden under clothes. Of course, I am no freak (of that nature ;) ) but nonetheless changes can be found.

For the past some odd years that I can remember, I've usually worn my hair with a side part. Lately, I've noticed my hair has not been falling into place like that as usual (honestly, I don't style nothing. I go out of the house with whatever I woke up with). The hair's been doing the center part thing. I used to hate that because it just made my wide forehead look wider. That has not changed. However, I just seem to not care now. I used to be self-conscious about it but I guess this is a sign that I've grown (or am spiraling into a state of depression or Ras Tafarianism, ha). In the words of Youngbloodz: I don't give a damn, don't give a fuck. My hair is going through a funky procession of growing out from short hair. I dig.

Apparently my birthday weekend did not end in the weekend. Today a couple of my girlfriends from school took me to lunch after our legal professionals conference thingy and we did a little shopping after (which I really shouldn't have after my cha-ching weekend). I came home with some pretty 'crazy' stuff; this stuff that I can only as classify as 'emo-druggie-Mary Kate outta rehab-chic'... oh and a pair of pants for the office. I welcome any fashion change, I don't know whether to embrace this one. I think I'm moving BACKWARDS in time, rather than growing up and maturing.

... YAY!

Lately I've been catching a bit of this show Prison Break. Now, I'm not one for hyped up shows but my Mondays consist of early class and then work, so exhaustion forces me to sit in front of the TV and not move for a couple of hours. All I have to say is: Wentworth Miller/Michael Scofield - The Yummy. And on a totally UNintentional cliche note, I found out he's like half Black. HAHAHAHA. And for that, I just wanna add that I was attracted to him before I knew that (although it's starting to shed some light on this popular notion that I'm instantly attracted to Black males...)

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