Thursday, February 22, 2007

ANS' life after death: a tragedy in itself?

^I know I should really pick a song that is relevant to this entry, but this song's been in my head all damn week, cuz there's a guy at work I need to hit on.

I am floored by the amount of publicity Anna Nicole Smith gets -- before and after death. Can someone tell me what she is famous for, besides marrying a dying old rich man and wearing obscene amounts of red lipstick?

I guess I will forever be perplexed over why the untalented, the fug and the unintelligent are more idolized than someone else who is none of the above (like, say, a squirrel). I can think of a handful of people right now of who's fame I will never understand and am dumbfounded as to how they have a 'fan-base'.

Anna Nicole, for one, is the most confusing of all. I read and heard about how the trial judge who presiding over what was to happen to that drug-infested corpse of hers. He, apparently, was brought to tears by the entire thing. To tears. I don't believe I so much as shed a tear when I couldn't figure out where to put the rest of my shoes when my closet got full. Perhaps you can call me a she-devil for bad-mouthing the dead, but this is a friggin' nuts! I will slap the next person who calls her a 'hero' or whatever. Her life, I would say, was anything but 'fascinating'. It seems as though she faceted her life the same as Marilyn Monroe, which is just plain sad (rumour has it she wanted to die the same age as Marilyn Monroe). I don't think I respect anyone who idolizes other people, above all, someone who tries to live their life vicariously through a [dead] idol (especially Marilyn Monroe, I just don't get the fascination with her). OK, I won't just bag on ANS. A few other people who's fame I will never get: Paris Hilton, Tupac (you're dead or you're not, pick one), Marilyn Monroe... It is truly saddening to think of the deplorable world we're living in. We continue to destroy Planet Earth with our gas-guzzling Capitalist lifestyles, we live to eat and gorge on anything genetically-modified, and idolize the weak and the fake (who would no less wither and die the second they were put into the 'real world'). However, I do admit that it is a good distraction to read about Anna's Sexcapades, and even to laugh at Britney's Breakdown. But I really don't think they deserve as much air time as they do get. C'mon, 11'o clock News! I just want to see the weather for tomorrow!

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