Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Sprung... on Spring dresses

Has anyone been outside lately? I'm talking to those who work, or have managed to get their lazy Reading Week asses out of the house. The weather is definitely getting warmer and if you sniff a lil, you can smell Spring. So much for hibernating for the winter (but yay for the Spring season!).

The winter season was short, and the snowboarding season was even shorter. I managed to get in a couple of hours this past weekend at Hockley (thanks, Sarah) and I'm hoping to go to Blue this Sunday (weather-permitting, what's this rain crap?). Such a fucking shame since I spent so much money on new snowboarding pants (I don't think I've actually been in love with pants before. Shoes, yes) and had my board tuned up (no more rust!). What a waste.

Anyway, it's not like I could've spent every waking snow day on the slopes. I do have a life, the details of which I will not get into since I mention it so often on this blog (re: the 10 past entries). Needless to say, I wish for the school season to end ASAP. Me so fucked on readings!

I just wanted to drop a note so that people know that I'm alive (and to not render this blog dead). Despite everything I've just mentioned, I really do look forward to the warmer weather. Aside from the shoe craze I have, I am slowly developing a dress craze. Yes, dresses. I've bought like, three dresses in the past two weeks or so for no good reason (except that they were pretty, which I guess is reason enough). All dressed up and nowhere to go, as they say.

Anyway, that has been pretty much the highlight of my life as of yet. The dresses. LOL. Oh, and my new keenness to honey mustard sauce. I think I could slurp a tub of it.

Back to the grind. Ta ta for now!

P.S. The rumours of a Sex and the City movie are seemingly coming true. I think I just had a tiny orgasm.

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