Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A trapeze-like life

^Tales as old as time... Beauty and the Beast
Aah, yes! The weekend is almost here. It felt like the horrid week would never end, but it almost ending! I feel like my eyes are being taped open because I so desperately want to close them and sleep through winter. I don't believe I've had more than 6 hours of sleep this semester o_o.

On Tuesday, I had an early-morning presentation. I had stayed up all Monday night working on it after working late at the office, which included collecting my group members' parts, putting a summary together and trying to shorten the 4-page thing to 2. I finally finished it at about 1 am. The next morning I tried to print it out at school and The Worst happened: I couldn't find it anywhere on my computer or on my USB Memory stick at school! What the hell happened? Well it turns out that without regard, I had opened the attachment (instead of SAVING THE ATTACHMENT) on my computer, which subsequently opens in Temporary files. While editing, I had been saving my work to the Temporary files and of course, when I turned off my computer for the night -- everything disappeared, for good. ALL THAT WORK FOR NOTHING. I somehow managed to do my presentation and carried my team but I felt really awful for my stupidity (due to exhaustion). I am dreading the day I come back and find out my grade. It is Thursday and I'm still kicking myself over it.

Not sure what I'll be doing this weekend but I highly doubt a lot of it will be done sleeping, for a few reasons:

  • Chinese New Years is this weekend, and there's a few parties happening and I want to hit at least one.
  • I think I need to go snowboarding this weekend. Why do I 'need' to? Well because I missed the great snowboarding weekend last week and because next weekend is supposed to be plus-temperatures and no one will want to go. That means, I need to start scrambling to find people to go this weekend ASAP.
  • An old friend of mine wants to get together for dinner, and it looks like I have to do the planning and rounding up of people. Oye.
And then so begins Monday. Reading Week is next week, but I can't figure out if that's a good or bad thing for me. I'll be back to work full-time, plus I have to study for midterms for the week after. However, Iljya will be back from California for a few days and I'm sure Kathy has something planned that will force me to enjoy a little bit of a holiday from studying and work.

Some people have commended me on my ability to seemingly "balance my school, work and social lives" but in reality, I'm not sure if I'm balancing at all. Balancing to me is the ability of sustaining all three with the greatest of ease, like the man on the flying trapeze (without the use of drugs). For me, it mostly feels like I'm barely holding on to a trapeze with no net below.

Once I was happy, But now I'm forlorn, Like an old coat That is tattered and torn; Left in this wide world To weep and to mourn, Betrayed by a maid in her teens. ... Oh, he floats through the air With the greatest of ease, This daring young man On the flying trapeze; His actions are graceful, All girls he does please, My love he has purloined away. ...

~"Man on the Flying Trapeze" by George Leybourne

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Louise said...

I did almost the exact same thing once at school less than an hour before I had to hand my assignment in!! Luckily I had read it over a thousand times so I memorized some of it. Still, it was not good for my blood pressure!!