Monday, April 16, 2007


Ahh, 1984. What a great year. I wish my parents had kept a paper from the day I was born so I could tell you what was so great about it (besides the fact that it was the year Jamie Kennedy lost his virginity), although I can tell you this: I was born.

I don't know why I'm so easily amused with these Stu Stone and Jamie Kennedy music videos. The rapping is mediocre, but the videos are so damn creative. Bob Saget, this weird Sims-like computer graphic video.

I spy Maria Menuenos in spandex and legwarmers, Vivica A. Fox, "Webster", that weird Korean Guy from MADtv, that guy from CHiPS and the "Thriller" dance.


Vicki said...

so you know everyone that's in this music video is in a new movie called kickin' it old school.

A Concerned Citizen said...

1984 had lots of cold war stuff, crack was just starting and Much Music just started.

This was really big. But you would have been into this.

spinderella said...


re: Careless Whisper

I LOVE that song... I don't know why.

re: Do they know it's Christmas?

It's that where The Simpsons got that 'Boy Down a Well' concept?

"And we're sending our love down the well...... DOWN THAT WELL!!...sending our love down the well.... ALL THE WAY DOWN!!"