Saturday, April 07, 2007

Just another beeeeeeeeee-day

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new record. The record of having the most people stay in a hotel room over the maximum occupancy limit. We broke that record this weekend at the Le Grand Residences at the Sutton Place Hotel. Ten people to a 2-person suite. Fantastic.

I must admit, though, the sleeping place was precociously limited. That air mattress of mine should be a requirement the next time we do something like that.

We all gathered in suite 1912 for our celebration of Devlin's birthday. I wish I had more time to take advantage of the amenities but alas, I chose to study. Nam and Alex apparently had a ball with the sauna and swimming pool. I mistakenly told them there would be a whirlpool but I was looking at the wrong 'Le Grand' hotel on the web. I owe you guys a homemade whirlpool in my bathtub. Bubbles, swirls and all. After we had some of that delicious cake, we left Nam and Alex at the hotel to their own devices (and the seven or so bottles of booze I brought) and went to Distrikt nightclub. Same ol', same ol' Asian night at Distrikt on a Friday night. Same crowd, same music, same fights, blah blah blah.

^Nam thought he was the only one who could rock a tie in an inappropriate place, until Jon came along
^Hmm, people often ask but it still doesn't feel weird to go clubbing with my little sister
^"It's fun to stay at the Y..M..C.."
Just going through the pictures, I realized that Jon is such a dog. No, not 'dawg' He can never seem to keep his tongue in his mouth. Like a dog. The guys had some weird thing going about pinching each other's nipples, which is why in some of the pictures they're dancing with their hands on their chests (and not some new dance they made up). This continued on to the hotel as well. Guys have some weird tastes in humour. After the party, it's the hotel party...We got back to the hotel, where Nam and Alex were nice and drunk. It was only suiting that the rest of us caught up. I remember I passed out face first on to the couch (ew) but that lasted only about 40 minutes when the pizza showed up and we each took shots with the birthday man (welcome to my age bracket, bud).
^Playing Mario Party on the oldest game system that ever lived: N64
^Another famous inappropriate-place-to-wear-a-tie moment brought to you by Nam

First rule of Drunk Club? Don't be the first one to pass out because you will get owned. And owned Alex did. Second rule? You upload those pictures on the web for the whole wide world to take a gander (and just for the record, I asked for his permission. I'm not a bitch... really. Although I did take all of the pictures).

^Nam couldn't contain the laughter while eating cake, so it came out from his nose

We finally settled at about 5 am. This morning I had one mean hangover (still do). Ugh, what a day to leave my Tylenol at home. I woke up at 8 and I just had to take a shower. I give props to Whitney and Alex, whom I was sleeping between for putting up with my post-clubbing stench. Thanks for not pushing me to the floor, guys.

^There's a person under there
^Nam probably telling me something incoherent and me incoherently listening
^It's a tough job, but someone's gotta finish the leftover juice

It was a really good (but exhausting) night. We went to Ginger for lunch before we split and I attempted to do some work at the library (shot to shit). A great beginning to my 2-week self-imposed ban from going out until exams are over. Time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the exams of my final year. Quelle horreur!

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kathy said...

1) Hahahahahaha at Alex.
2) Megan's hair looks really nice.
3) I wish I was there.