Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Monster Jam

I got home from Kathy and Nam's last night, thinking we had gained an extra hour to watch movies and thinking I was going home at 3:30 A.M..

In case you didn't know, thanks to something called the U.S. Energy Policy Savings Act of 2006, this year Day Light Savings comes the first Sunday of November beginning in year 2007. Thanks to the Americans, I got home at 4:30 A.M..

So this weekend was The Weekend for those of us who are too old to celebrate Halloween and go trick-or-treating but young enough to lose our dignities for one night to dress up.

On Friday, Richard invited us to a Halloween jam that was going on right here in Mississauga. It was a lot better and cheaper than going downtown to one of those other parties, so we opted to check out this jam. It was being thrown by one of his friends at some banquet hall.

Now, we all know Halloween is a time, especially for women, to have an excuse to dress up to show our true colours. This year, I went as a stripper... dressed as a cop (not a slutty cop). We all know how much I believe in the sanctity of police enforcement.

The party turned out better than I expected. The setting of the party kinda reminded me of a highschool dance, because there was a stage and it was like being in a gymnasium. They even played some old school R&B and hip hop at the beginning and it was just like being at a school dance. Loves it. It was also a little like being at a house party because the cheap booze was flowing and flowing a-plenty.

Costume parties are always a hoot. Even though it was last minute, I think we all came up with some fantastic costumes: Mel, fortune-teller; Megan (who really got in at the very last minute), Strawberry Shortcake; Richard, mobster; Devlin and Rum Rum, Aladdin and Abu; Sarah S., fairy; Cuong, that guy from Scream (but mostly from the neck up); Vicki, Athena; Diane, Lil Red Riding Hood; Sarah C., Batgirl (third year in a row!); Jonny, pirate; Neil, dirt-bike racer; Paul, mechanic; and Peter, Dorothy (it was Vicki's costume from last year, with a lil more rips for him to squeeze into it!). For some reason, Nick assumed that everyone would just take off their masks and costumes as soon as we got in the party, so he just dressed as himself and brought a Saddam Hussein mask. Boy, was he wrong! He couldn't see in the mask, so he ended up just putting in his pocket and was Nick for the rest of the night. Haha. There were some really good costumes and a lot of typical one (witch, pirates, etc.). The pics will give you an idea of what they were like:

^A banana and the Statue of Liberty

^Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!
^Mario and Luigi in their Mario Karts
^Man in Shower
^Male Dorothy finds Female Dorothy!
^Ninja Turtles!
^A penis and a Whoopie Cushion
^Oompa Loompa
^His costume was lame, but it worked
^Strawberry Shortcake and plain ol' Nick
^Some boxer
^I don't think those were costumes, I think they were actual Mississauga road workers
Remember how I said the opportunity to put on a costume gives one a chance to be someone they're not for one night? This theory proved so true for Cuong. When we go to parties, he's usually not one to be try and hit on a girl. Whoever was under that Scream mask was not Cuong. At least, not the Cuong we know. I barely saw him during the night as he was all over the party dancing with everyone. Too bad he can't wear masks to clubs on regular nights. It was also a shame that the lights were off because when I looked at my camera after, I realized that in the light, there were a lot of hot guys there. Damn. Of course, no Halloween party is complete without a costume contest. The prize: $100 cash. There were alot that deserved to be up there, some not so much:
^Lego doing the Robot
^Pimpette showing some ass
^Some Black chick showing some ass
^Hippie hippie shake
^Charlie Brown
^Rock, Paper & Scissors
^That guy from The Trailer Park Boys
^Viagara Man
^An escaped Oompa Loompa from the Chocolate Factory
And the winner is....
^The lades with the winners: Rock, Paper and Scissors!

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