Saturday, October 20, 2007

In the News...

I just read that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for his 'work' in global warming. What a joke. I didn't know they were just handing those things to just anyone now.

I'm not a global warming-denier (although right now I'm freezing my ass off in my office and want to believe it's a hoax), but geez. Global Warming is inevitable and nothing new. My dad discussed this with me before Inconvenient Truth and used to take public transportation to work voluntarily. To say that Al Gore deserves the Prize just because he brought attention to Global Warming is like me saying the water is blue and just making a really big deal about it. In my opinion, a big reason global warming is rapid (but not just inevitable) is because of overpopulation. Give me a mic and I'll tell everyone to use a condom and shower the world with latex wonders. Then see if I deserve the Prize. Psshhhh.


I'm trying to get rid of my Blackberry. Actually, I've already found a bidder, but I just need a new phone...or decide if I want to revert back to my old Motorola.

I don't see what the hype is about with the Blackberry. Sure, they're neat-o with the keyboard and make you look important with that logo and that distinctive speaker at the back. I must say, though, they're very convenient and very necessary for those who do most of their business on their phone. However, they're not for the everyday simple (yet fabulous) joes like me where the only real 'task' I have is to pay my bills on time and balancing my party time and my only real 'schedule' is meeting with my dentist between lunches with friends.

I hate that term 'Crackberry' for those who own one. I think those people who have real tasks (like running a business) and have real things to schedule like a meeting with an important client are the real Crackberrys. Always on their Berrys and are lost without them (or perhaps they're 'workaholics'?). I can easily do away with my heavy thing (or any cell phone, for that matter).

There was this article about the 'phantom shakes' that Crackberrys apparently get when their phone is not even going off or even on them. I'm not sure why it's been dubbed a 'phenomenon' because I truly believe we have a problem here. I, too, feel those 'shakes' and it scares me a little. I don't want it to go off, but I'm starting to believe it's a radiation problem.

People who carry Blackberrys will probably use that hip holster that is provided with their phone. Not to mention, the newer ones have some sort of magnet in it that I think might pose a health problem (yeah yeah, everything causes cancer). Hmm, the above-noted article seems to dumb down these 'shakes' and there is no indication that perhaps it's no 'phantom' but something very real. The article goes on to explain this 'phenomenon' as a result of "human beings are intuitive" bullshit. My intuition is that my Blackberry is some sort of mini nuclear power plant.

And now if you'll excuse me, my Blackberry says I have a party to get ready for.

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