Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, BFF

Yeah, it's actually four days too late, but who's counting?

On Sunday night we went to Boston Pizza for Alex's birthday. Don't ask me why we did it on Sunday night. Would have made more sense to do it on Saturday, right? Apparently in Russia, they don't celebrate before the date, even if it's a day before. It either has to be on the day or after. I guess party-day is any day of the week in Russia. Isn't Monday a work day there too?

Same random hilarity as usual: Nam being Nam, poking fun at our flaws, playing with our food, criticizing Nam's outfit, being paprazzos... it's a good thing it was a Sunday night because there weren't too many people around to witness our rowdiness (and we weren't even drunk!).

After dinner (so much damn food, thank goodness for hungry boys), we went to AMC and saw We Own the Night. It was your basic cops-and-druglords kinda movie. S'OK. That huge scar on Joaquin Phoenix' lips was so distracting.

I know Alex doesn't really like being put in the centre of attention too much, even if it is his birthday. On Friday night he bitched at me because people were calling me and he assumed we were planning him a surprise! I felt kinda bad because we didn't really have anything planned that night, even though in the past two years we have tried feverishly to surprise him (SURPRISE! No surprise this year!). Even though he said he didn't want it, we all know he really did (don't lie!). LOL. C'mon! The look on his face when the cake came out was priceless!

Alex: "Man, I'm so glad we didn't go to a restaurant where they sing on your birthday..."

Moments later...

*Waiters come out singing with his birthday cake.*


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