Sunday, October 14, 2007

The City, He Loves me

Y'know what I realized last night? Mississauga is not a totally terrible place to chill on a Saturday night. I know I bitch a lot about living in the suburbs, but why should I be complaining about 'Sauga of all places? The mayor, as tiny and as fragile as she is, manages to scare away anyone to go up against her at election time, and the city is in surplus. Plus, working in real estate, it has the most cooperative tax department out of all the municipalities I've had to contact for closings. Um, but you don't care about that. And the Mississauga Transit is soo much better than the TTC (but then again, it's not saying much). So anyway, Mississauga = not so terrible.

I mean, for one, it's relatively safe even at 3 a.m. Buses may not be convenient (but that's not to say the TTC is) but at least it's not a long, expensive cab ride home. The hang outs are decent. They're definitely cleaner and classier than downtown Toronto. And the best reason of all why Mississauga is not so bad? My friends. Awww *tear*flick*

Thankfully Jeff organized a good get-together of old and older friends at West 50, otherwise I probably would've done something less than awesome on a Saturday night. It was my first time going there since it was changed from Dick's to West 50. Honestly, everything looked the same as I had remembered except they put in like 50 beer taps. Last night they had a pretty decent (and I use the term loosely since I don't think alot of cover bands are that good) cover band called "Running Red Lights". Nothing beats being good drunk with good friends.

The ride home was quite eventful, too. Not only is Mississauga not convenient with late-night bus routes, they're not exactly rampant in taxis, either. Oh well. I left with Justin, Konrad, Paul and Mel and thankfully we all live in the same walking-distance area. We were lucky to find a driver that was able to not only take all five of us in one cab, but also charged us a flat fee.

We grabbed late-night grub at Burger King. Of course, the restaurant was closed because it was 2 a.m. and we had no car so we attempted to walk through the Drive Thru. No such luck. There's a reason why it's called Drive Thru. Luckily the hot chicks behind us in the Civic offered to order for us.

Apparently on their way home, Konrad and Justin saved a skunk's life on the road who had two broken legs by putting it in the bushes. I don't know if I'd call it 'saving' the skunk ("Did it walk away?" "No, it kinda just dragged itself." *wince), but I thought it was pretty courageous of them to even touch the thing. Interesting end to an interesting night.

^What size is that?

^Paul likes beer
^Grade Eight Crew
^I think I was drunk enough to kiss anyone who asked. Konrad caught me at a good time.
^Paul likes beer...alot
^Up the nose!
^Justin jumps in just as the shot was being taken. Worst guy.
^That's better
^I wasn't even saying anything, I just made that face
^Running Red Lights
^Chug, chug, Jonny!
^"Would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?"
^"Driving" thru
^Chicka chicka yeahhhhhh
^Fast food in the early a.m.

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