Sunday, November 04, 2007

Long days, Dreamful nights

I saw American Gangster on Friday night with the boys, and it was honestly better than I had expected out of a gangster-drug-bang-bang movie. After seeing We Own the Night, I was ready to give up any drug movie altogether. It's all the same shit -- except American Gangster had Common and T.I., so it one-upped all the other gangster-drug-bang-bang movies (because we all know I love me some fine black men). And that's my movie review.

P.S. Not relevant, but after the movie, we played Poker and I took second place for once. Girl Power, fuck the what! :p

Technically, it's 1:15 p.m. right now, but it really should be 2:15 p.m. Is it possible to be utterly thrown off by this Daylight Savings change, because I'm surely feeling it. I feel soooo tired and I was sleeping for nine hours before realizing I just had to get up because half the day was gone.

Lately I've been having some pretty vivid dreams. It might have nothing to do with the time change, it could be the funky Asian food I've been eating, or the the weather change, or my menstrual cycle, or a combination of all. I dunno. Needless to say, it's putting me in some deep sleeps and I wake up so groggy. What have I been dreaming about, you ask? Well that shall be saved for a more X-rated entry.

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