Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wedding Crashers

The last weekend of the summer has come and gone. It feels like summer has really ended, not because of the start of the school year (a term of which I probably won't use for awhile), but because the weather has suddenly taken a turn for the cold.

I was half-hoping for a weekend getaway, like camping or something, but that didn't really happen. On Friday, I went out with a couple of the guys to see War. The movie sucked. That's it.

On Saturday, I decided I just really couldn't waste the day at home so I dragged Kathy and Mel to the mall where I dropped almost $200.00 at BCBG. Why? I dunno. Lately, I've been feeling a little restless with my wallet. BCBG was a good cure.

That night a bunch of us crashed a wedding. Well, not crashed per se, since we were expected to come. But it's not like we were mailed invites. We went to Megan's brother's wedding (one of her twin brothers who married a triplet, whose triplet is marrying Megan's other twin brother next year. Get it? Got it? Good.). It was a really great wedding, even though we were there for the last few hours of it. We came for the midnight buffet, open bar and dancing, and stayed for the hot (single?) guys and wedding brouhaha (i.e. bouquet toss and the herding of the single people). Nam and I took full advantage of the open bar and that was evident as I was quite drunk and Nam was most definitely wasted.

I don't even remember how I got home, although I do know that Mel drove. From what I could remember, though, was that I had a really good time. It's not everyday we all get dressed up and look good (at once). It was nice to have experienced that, even if I had to bitch at Alex to put on a dress shirt (but no tie) and beg Nam not to wear white running shoes with a red dress shirt, red tie and white pants. I know this might sound weird, but I think when you put someone in a formal setting with formal attire, a different side of that person comes out, like ... a formal side. For example, you probably wouldn't recognize me in a law office as you would in, oh say, a club. A side you don't see when you're normally with someone in a casual jeans-and-tee setting. Attitudes are suddenly adjusted and postures are suddenly changed. I dunno, I kinda like it. It helps me understand certain people because they become a different version of themselves under a certain light. After all, you can't merely be defined as the 'jeans and t-shirt guy', can you?


kathy said...

The one picture I took was blurry. I can't do anything right! /me sobs

I like the pic of us dancing. We make a good couple, no?

whit said...

hahha. you guys look super drunk in those pics. i love it!