Monday, September 17, 2007

Some Germenglish Music

I finally got a hold of Tokio Hotel's English album, Scream, and I am totally not disappointed. I wish I could share the link to the album with everyone, but unfortunately I didn't bother to save it after scouring dozens and dozens of foreign, mostly Russian, websites. I probably have a ton of spyware and downloaded questionable Russian porn (Russians doing it in a hotel room in Tokyo, anyone?) unbeknownst to me but it was worth it, dammit. So if you're interested, I'm willing to share (the album, not the spyware and porn).

I half expected myself to only enjoy the 'music' part of the album because I really anticipated some really awful 'Germenglish'. Oddly enough, it wasn't that bad. The lyrics aren't totally horrible either, considering they translated all the German lyrics almost to a tee so that the lyrics weren't lost in translation. Then again, I don't know German, so how would I know? They did change some of the music from the original German versions, but it still sounds decent. I give it to two "decent-rock-music-coming-from-a-hip-hop-lover" thumbs up.

And now, allow me to have a horny second to post some pics of Wentworth Miller at the airport (probably LAX).


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