Sunday, September 16, 2007

Makeover, Makeover, Makeover!

It's Sunday night. I wish tomorrow was Friday. I guess we can't all have our way.

The thing I hate about being in the 'working world' is that they seem go by so fast (because they do). I ran into a friend on Friday night at Shoppers (trying to get some change for Poker money) whom I had not seen for most of the summer. We were relegating on how she is back at school and how it is September and I'm just working. It hasn't really hit me that it feels weird not to be at school in September and it still hasn't really. I mostly hate that I yearn for the weekend every week day.

So on Friday, I played Poker, which was a change from watching movies or hanging out at Captains because I haven't played since my parents came home (and my house ceased from being the place to be on a Friday night). I recall picking up my first hand of the night and not being able to really consider whether an 8 and 9 off-suit was decent. It's definitely been awhile. By the way, I totally lost badly that night.

On Saturday, I did some condo-shopping and lunch in Yorkville with the girls. I really can't wait 'till I get my own digs, but I'm certain I don't want to live in a condo. My real estate expertise senses that they are one of the worst real estate investments.

After lunch we went to Holt's for a YSL makeover. I like having makeovers done because 1.) it's relaxing to just sit there and let someone fuss over you and 2.) I like to get another person's perspective on how I should look. It's not like a dictation, to me, but a suggestion. I welcomed it and I made note that I don't have to wear black liquid liner all the time. ;)

Later that night I went to Crocodile Rock for Sy's birthday. It was fun, despite the reputable 'cougars' that were crawling there. In a way, it was kinda nice to know that there are places for people 'of age' who can't really hit the hot clubs downtown. It's nice to know that there will be places like these for when I grow old and I'll have somewhere to boogie, even when my boobs are down to my knees. After a while we couldn't take anymore of those old hags hogging the dance floor, so we hit Tremendous.

This morning, I was woken by my mother telling me Alex was at my door at the ungodly hour of 11:50 A.M. Wha...? He's lucky that I at least got 5 hours of sleep, otherwise I would've slammed the door in his face. We went out for breakfast and played some tennis (I use the term 'play' loosely as I merely hit the ball around and made Alex chase them for literally 20 minutes and called it a day).

You could say I had a 'complete' weekend: Poker, partying, br/lunching with friends, played some sports. However, I still feel like I didn't do much. Weird, eh? Looks like I'm still in my summer-mode of finding something exciting and exhilarating to do. Any suggestions?


Paul Kishimoto said...

diction: relegating

Speaking of condo shopping, have you seen this?

I nearly shat myself. Real estate in Toronto may seem pricey, but it will someday be worth what it is in New York. If you've got patience, there's profit to be made. Doomsayers predict 'corrections' in the market, but those will be temporary at worst.

whit said...

so where's the after picture? i want to see you without black eyeliner!

spinderella said...

Paul: you diction-Nazi

Whit: I could've gotten my photog taken but you had to buy a minimum of two products, I think. Cheeeeah right. I told the guy I'd 'consider' buying the $70 water-based moisturizer......... after I checked out what I could find at Shoppers.
You can probably see me with less eye liner now, I'll experiment more.

Louise said...

Paul: there are new suites being built in Yorkville that range from 2 million to 16 million. The Museum House is "only" 1.55 million lol

spinderella said...

I just checked out the Museum Condos. I looked at the floor plans briefly and immediately closed the window due to complete jealousy to those future residents.