Monday, September 26, 2005

Jumpin' jumpin'

^Sarah and Me @ Distrikt Niteclub
Today was pretty uneventful. It rained today but I was fortunate enough to miss it when I left for school and when I came back. Boo, I couldn't really put my new trenchcoat to use, oh well. Today's class lasted for about an hour because the teacher ran out of things to teach (hehe newbies :)) and then I came straight home. Tomorrow I have an interview with a lawyer, whom I'm hoping to work for. How perfect is this?: my prof gave us an assignment to interview someone in the legal profession and he gave me her contact. The idea is to get some job connections and she happens to work on Bay St. For those who don't know, my ultimate dream is to work on Bay St. with the "movers and shakers" on Bay St. Fingers-crossed for tomorrow. Ooh, the fun part: what to wear? This guy was trying to holla at me from his car as I'm walking on the sidewalk (thank goodness for headphones that make me look like I can't hear you). Note to guys out there: Don't holla at me from your cars. I'm not a prostitute. I'm sorry if the stiletto boots deceive you. And if you're trying to ask me out...well don't expect me to go out with strangers driving in cars. Honestly, why would you wanna get with a girl who goes out with strange men who holla at them on the street?
This topic of discussion has been thrown around amongst some of my gfs, regarding guys who holla from their car, or even worse, when they HONK. Yes, it's flattering but what do you expect to get out of it? Are you gonna stop when we turn around and chase after your car? Are you gonna give us a ride to anywhere we want? If any of y'all can answer these questions, then please answer. I've always wanted to know more about the relationship about the man and his car horn.

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