Tuesday, September 27, 2005

While G. Bush doesn't care about Black people, I don't care about Kanye West

I used to like John Legend. But then he kept doing all those collabos with that jerk, Kanye West and I lost substantial respect for him. But I think that has gone up after I read this email he wrote. I'm not much of a political fanatic, but I'm just relieved to find that there's at least one other black person who doesn't believe "George Bush doesn't like black people". Not that I'm a Bush pusher, but I think in this day and age it's just too easy to use race as an issue for anything that goes wrong. And it's not just Black people. I mean, I know some people who don't think they can get jobs because they're Asian. Perhaps it's my naivity kicking in again, but it's hard for me to fathom that someone wouldn't get hired because of their race in this decade. Now, I'm not saying that racism doesn't exist nowadays. Oh, it's abundant EVERYWHERE. Racism exists when there are whole communities based on race (Markham and Richmond Hill area). Racism exists when there functions and events mainly aimed at a certain race ("Asian Nites" in nightclubs). Racism even exists when there is a group of Asians and there are only two Russian guys (let's call them 'Iljya' and 'Alex'). See? Racism is everywhere. I'm not even saying racism is a bad thing, because perhaps it's just natural that we segregate with people who look like us. But I just hate hate hate it when people use racism as a blame for something gone wrong. It seems so easy to point to racism and Kanye West looked really stupid making that comment and if I were Black, I'd be ashamed (just like how I'm ashamed to be Chinese because of Jin -_-). I hope I don't get flamed for that last comment. There's a little bias because I haven't really liked Kanye since I saw him on Punk'd. John Legend's email just really inspired me and he's looking mighty attractive to me right now. Ha. In the words of Iljya and Alex... ~peACE!

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