Tuesday, September 27, 2005

C'est une chapeau nouvelle

Interview went well. I really liked the lawyer I interviewed. She was so down to earth and I guess because she's young, she could relate to what I was lookng for and gave me some pointers into the legal field (mostly around sexism, racism and ageism). After the interview, I really felt comfortable at that Bay St. law firm. I could get to use classy-ness like that. Though I wonder if I would be able to commit to working long hours (we were there till 7!) at the office. After the interview, I trooped down to Eaton Centre and found the floppy felt hat I've been looking everywhere for! Good ol' H&M to house some basics for me. I'm still contemplating on whether I should keep it though. It was $20 even though it's way cheaper than the places I've seen them (one place had it for $65!) but it's still $20 for a big hat. When you first see the hat, one might think 'Where would you wear that?' Well I'd wear it to school and anywhere, unlike the average person. But I don't like to be an 'average person'. A lot of ppl say I'm like Carrie from Sex and the City meaning I can pull off any look, from fashion-forward to straight up kooky, but still making it work. I take that as such a compliment and I think Carrie would wear this hat anywhere too... Yep, I'm ghey. And no, I'm not trying to be J.Lo with the hat. I'm trying to be Namie Amuro ^_^

Feedback, ppl! To keep or not to keep? ~bizounced.


Anonymous said...

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spinderella said...


I really hate these random ads...

Anonymous said...

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Kathy said...

To keep.

I've already voiced my opinion...but I just thought I'd remind you.

And yeah, those ads are terrible.