Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Games People Play

As much as I hate it when people play games, I'm afraid I am guilty of this unfortunate habit (How ironic is it that I hate hypocrites, as well?). Not games like Scrabble or Cranium, because I love those games, but games we play with each other in our relationships. Whether it's girlfriend-boyfriend, friend-friend or even stranger-stranger relationship, somehow there's always a game. I guess in my perfect world, there would be no games, and everyone would be straight up. No hidden animosity, everyone says what they feel (within reasonable limit, I don't endorse hate crimes) and then it can be dealt with head-on. As much as I try to avoid it, I do play games. Without getting into specifics (sorry, nosy people!) I think I end up playing coy mind games to get a certain reaction out of people to achieve a specific goal. It's so easy for me to tell everyone to just say what's on their mind and put everything out on the table, yet it's so hard for me to do the same. I guess I do this for fear of rejection (*sigh) or a general fear of what the person will say/do, which is stupid, I know. But dammit, sometimes some things don't need to be said at a certain time because it's inappropriate. Yes, yes. That's a good one. Sometimes it's inappropriate to say certain things because they just don't need to be said. Am I searching for justification for my cowardness? Yes I am. Mission accomplished. P.S. Luxury Fashion finally back up! Yay!

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Kathy said...

People and relationships are troublesome.

I know what you are talking about though *ahem* and you know what I think. LOL. Carpe diem!

PS Can you delete those "comments"?