Monday, July 07, 2008


Today I was at Lululemon buying some ridiculously over-priced pants. As I was getting measured, I realized how... 'comfortable' I felt. Maybe a little too comfortable. Was it the pants? Or was it the nice ticklish feeling of having my pants measured?

I was a little disappointed when the chick was done measuring.

That's weird, right? Yeah.


Kathy said...

Hehe, I think that's normal.

If you want weird, try having it done by your *mom* who happens to be a tailor. O_o

sarah said...

I know the feeling you speak of. I think it relates to being pampered or "waited on". It's equatable to getting your hair done or nails. I love the feeling.

Anonymous said...

haha... did it move?

nam said...

why doesn't mel like it then?? huh sarah? is she weird then? freak? lawlz!!!

anyhoo... why am i even here lil???