Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm a Brat Who Do[es]n't Give Top

In my line of work, I come across all types of different people. Of course you're going to find interesting characters when you work in a law office. Some will piss you off, some will be oh-so-grateful for the work you do for them (and they express that gratitude in cash sometimes). And some will inevitably hit on me.

I've learned there's a lot of different people out there in the Real World. Some of these types include cheating husbands (like, really, if you're married and you know I know you're married, why bother hitting on me?), money launderers and dumbasses. So many dumbasses.

There are only a few rare people who have seen me as two different people: Work Lil and Real Lil. Work Lil is nothing like Real Lil.

Work Lil puts on an act where she pretends she likes everyone, is content with doing anything and loves the work she does. Even when times get tough, she will grin and bear it. Work Lil is everything Real Lil hates: fake, submissive, nice.

This is why I hate mixing business with pleasure. I have introduced some friends to my work, but for business purposes mainly. I've never really had the real conflict of mixing business with pleasure until recently. A client was actually brave enough to ask me out.

At first I laughed it off and said we could if I could squeeze it into my busy schedule. However, he's been quite persistent and it's come to a point where I would have to sit down and really think about this.

I once contemplated dating a co-worker before. Well, he's not really a co-worker. He just works on my floor for a totally different office. I don't think that would've been so bad, because he comes into the office once in awhile (which also kinda sucks because he looks like Wentworth Miller). Too bad I've been too shy to really say anything to him besides 'Hey'.

I've even also contemplated dating another lawyer. Before you start thinking 'Eewwwww' and picture graying men in suits, think again. It isn't so far-fetched for lawyers to be only a few years older than me. If you think about it, some are just finishing their articling and are opening their own practices now(yup, I'm that old). I would have to cross that road if I should ever come to it, but that right there would be an interesting situation but might draw up some conflict of interest issues.

Now, dating a client. I've contemplated with my boss about this issue and she said it's fine as long as their file has been completed. However, I still have that nagging feeling in the back of my head that there is still a conflict of interest. Even though a file is closed, the lawyer is technically supposed to hold on to the file for at least 7 years. Not to mention I know all their confidential legal stuff (heehee). Is this only weird to me? It seems like it is.

As of now, I'm still trying to figure out what to do. Also, if I even want to go out with this guy. I don't think I will be reporting my conclusion should I decide to go out with him because it will most definitely breach some sort of client-firm confidentiality. However, I will leave it at this: I can't help but think that when someone dates a client, there's still a 'professional' aspect to the personal relationship because of the way one conducts them self. Getting into a personal relationship with a client is like getting into a professional relationship with a client. Except you're paid in meals and gifts.

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A Concerned Citizen said...

Apparently, the solution is that you should build a "BIGGER CLOSET" to fit both your professional and personal shoes.