Saturday, July 19, 2008

Babes and Barnacles

Last night I went to a pirate-themed party on a ship. Now, how many people can say they've done that? For sure, 250 people who were there last night can, that's who.

The evening began when I accompanied Jeff and Justin to Value Village to put together costumes. Honestly, I should be like, head of costume design for something because I'm just a genius when it comes to putting together ensembles. After about half an hour of cruising the Women's section and a quick trip to Dollarama, the boys each obtained some spectacular items for their awesome pirate costumes.

Long story short, the party was awesome and we looked so good, girls were hitting on us (yes, even me!)! Once again, I reiterate my love of themed parties. ARRRRRRRRRRRGH, Matey!

^We look like we're going to a comic book convention ^Tramp stamp ^Pirate of the Carribean ^Attempt at shot of boat with pirates Take 1 ^Attempt at shot of boat with pirates Take 2 ^Finally ^Damn straight

1 comment:

Paul Kishimoto said...

The "^ Finally" photo begs a "smelly pirate hooker from Whore Island" comment.