Sunday, December 02, 2007

The High Before the Storm

My mom's the best. She just brought me some roasted chestnuts. It's perfect because it's like a fuckin' snow bomb exploded out there. Although, I did have to endure the 'snow bomb' very early today, I'm still not willing to set foot outside just yet.

However, it does look like my trip to Vermont is coming together. No, hotels and people haven't been reserved and confirmed, but the snow has RSVP'd and that is A-OK.

On Friday a bunch of us celebrated Sarah's birthday, one week late, but nonetheless we celebrated. Right after work, I raced home, changed and got the girls to go get some steak (sans me) at The Keg. After The Keg, we went to LaserQuest, which was such a Sarah thing to do. It also reminded me of how much I hate this game because I absolutely suck. I ended up teaming up with Justin to decrease some of my sucking and it made it a lil more fun.


^The Flossy Flossy

I thought I would have a myriad of things to do last night: clubbing downtown, clubbing in Mississauga, Poker, movies... and then one by one, those options dropped like canaries in a carbon monoxide-filled coal mine. Stupid of me to ever think either of those options would pull through, huh? Ugh. However, I refused to stay at home on a Saturday night despite a pending snowstorm. And then, at the last minute, I pulled a bunch of guys together to go to West 50 out of the blue. Am I ballin', or am I ballin'? We're not even the types to go out drinking and stuff, especially with the amount of drinkers and limited amount of cars and DDs. However, we were there until they closed the place down, so that goes to show either how much fun we were having, how drunk we were, or how long it took for our waitress to bring us our [hefty] bill.

After West 50, two cars full of semi-drunk guys and Cuong tentatively drove home, while I ditched and hooked up with another group of guy friends who happened to be around the corner. Well I didn't ditch per se, it was just easier to go home with them because they live closer to me. We chilled at Amine's where the guys were still a lil too drunk and energized from the club and things got a lil nuts (let's just say there was broken glass involved). We then made the ridiculous trek home through a fuckin' blizzard in a car with no winter shoes. Luckily we got home safe with nothing more than a pair of ruined Uggs (mine!). I'm so glad I made that extra effort to go out last night, because I would have been stuck at home both last night and today. That would have driven me absolutely bonkers. However, I think this winter I'm gonna be homebound more often because who the fuck wants to be out in this thing without a board? And since I'm so fantastically bored, a bombardment of pictures from last night (from two cameras WHEW):
^Richard: So this is what a half-yard looks like ^Cuong lets us know how fun it is to be the Designated Driver ^Why does everyone like wearing my glasses?
^This so looks like Alex did this one purpose...
^Me holding beer that I don't drink
^Nam sweating and gasping after realizing he was eating CHILI nachos... ^Pimpin' ^Nam on Chili Nachos ^Yuri drinking in motion ^Alex stealing my food when my eyes are closed ^Who recognizes my pose? ^Remind you of something, Alexey? ^Nam shows off the pink laces ^Yuri nit-picking Nam's fashion sense ^Random chicks who jumped in

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