Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fa La La La La La

Happy happy, merry merry! That's how I feel right now. Along with anxious and a lil stressed from doing some last minute shopping for the dinner party at Megan's tonight.

I can't wait for tonight. There's going to be a lot people coming, food availability is sketchy (especially cuz it's potluck and poor Dev is outdoing himself this year) and there's gonna be so much booze flowing, I am nervous as to how we will behave at Casa Meg's. However, I'm looking forward to having everyone, that isn't in my immediate family ('cept Mel), that I love so dearly under one rambunctious roof.

This year's Christmas dinner was supposed to be potluck (which was a last-minute decision) so I only decided this morning what I would make/bring. Man, I really wish I had thought about it a lot earlier. Like a week earlier, then I wouldn't have been driving all over Mississauga and parts of Etobicoke to find what I needed. Bah. I barely made by and I'll just have to make do.

Anyway, something is burning, so I'm going to check on it. Ciao.


whit said...

it was fun molesting you tonight. let's make it happen in vermont too.

spinderella said...



Jean Marc said...


you're really crazy !

It's very cold today !

Bye beautifull girl