Tuesday, December 04, 2007

LaCroix, sweetie, LaCroix

My week just got better: I bought Seasons 1-3 of the TV show Absolutely Fabulous. Music World in Square One is closing down and since I walk by there just about every-bloody-day, I had to go in and see what I could scoop up.

Not much in terms of 'steals', I must say. Mostly just 20% off everything in the store. I wonder when their absolute last day is because I'll have to go in there and scoop up some old Tupac and Biggie CDs or something when they're dirt cheap. Today, however, I browsed the DVD section and found the last copy of Seasons 1-3 of AbFab. Ooooh, I haven't watched an episode in a long while and this show is such a classic.

I'll have to dedicate one of these weekends to an AbFab marathon. Everyone is welcome to join me but I'm not gonna force people to watch it. British humour, let alone high fashion humour, goes over a lot of people's heads. You just have to really get into Eddie and Patsy's world to understand them.

Mmm, I love me some Jennifer Saunders. Eddie: [shouting] I DON'T WANT MORE CHOICE, I JUST WANT NICER THINGS.

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