Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kiss my bASS

I know, I know. I've neglected to blog for a while. A long while. What can I say? These days I don't feel like writing much. I do enough of that at work--writing to lawyers, writing to banks, writing to clients, writing writing writing. At the end of the day, I just don't want to be near a keyboard. Or pen, for that matter.

Work is getting pretty busy, especially for this month. I wish little problems that take up so much time could be solved on their own, and the big problems I can just push to someone else. Times like these, I wish I could go back to being bored at work.

This past weekend, I went fishing again with my family, including my "extended" family: mom, dad, Mel, Dev and Nam. My dad tried to take us back to his old fishing holes, but there's only so much you can remember from a few decades, plus things change over time. Nevertheless, I would say we did quite well with fishing, especially yours truly. Please feel free to admire that huge bass I'm proudly holding below. It was a struggle, but I caught it all by myself and with some cheap-ass hand-me-down rod from Alex. Ha! I don't think Nam was too happy with my catch, though. Guys tend to have to make all of this a huge competition, and when a girl beats them, it's a "fluke". Pfft. As if. I caught it, didn't I? It didn't get away, did it? Fluke, my ass.

Anyway, I'm really looking to the up-coming weekend: white-water rafting! How exciting, yet terrifying at the same time. I really don't know what to expect, and perhaps it's a good thing that this trip was sort of planned last minute. At least I won't have long enough to contemplate what horrifying things I will expect from the trip and then back out. This seems like a once in a lifetime chance (not really) because we're getting a really good deal (as a student) on the trip. And graduation is merely a week away, and then I'll be a "student" no more!

I guess after the trip no one can really say I'm not exciting. Or at least, I can't pity myself for being boring. If/when I survive this trip, I guess I'll have run out of things to do to try and prove myself true.

^Who's ready for some fishin'?!
^Worst day to wear sweats
^Dev greedily eyeing those huge carps
^...but settles for something smaller
^Kiss my bASS
^Fish kiss ^Mel's catch: an inch worm

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