Sunday, June 24, 2007

Schoooool's out...forever?

Alas! Alas! After twenty-three years, my parents can finally sit back with relief as the one they'd fear would never graduate from college....has graduated---with honours!

On Wednesday, I had my convocation. I got to see 'those people' I've spent "competing" with for the last four years for possibly the last time ever. And now we compete in the real world. I guess for some it's a really "big step" after convocation. To be honest, I felt indifferent. I just felt it was finally a good opportunity to bust out the Betsey Johnson shoes I've had "on display" (i.e. stored in my closet) for the past two years.

I guess I'm a bit of a heffer for not really feeling much about completing formal education. Almost half the population doesn't even get to finish schooling and here I am more excited to be wearing new shoes than to be getting a piece of paper with my name on it after years of "hard work". Sorry, sometimes I can't help but be a "poor little rich girl".

However I must admit because my class and the other degree program were the only ones to get 'hoods' out of all the graduates, that felt pretty good. Only the degree graduates get to wear them and we had our convocation with all the other business diploma programs and they only had gowns. They did the whole presentation with the 'hooding' before they gave us our degress and shit and that felt pretty good.

As I had questioned right after I finished my last exam, there begs the question, "What now?". Well, of course, I'm going to work for a bit. But I have been warned that I shouldn't let the opportunity of additional schooling pass me by too soon because it's harder to get back into after you work too long. I suppose that's true. My school work ethic wasn't exactly stellar when I was forced to go to school, I'd be lucky to even agree to sit in a lecture for a 3-hour period each day if I got back to school in like five years. I have entertained the idea of going to law school. After working for a lawyer for almost a year now though, I'm not too crazy about becoming a lawyer. However, that doesn't mean I still can't get a law degree. As mentioned before, I have fancied the idea of going out-of-province for law school. I still like the idea. But I can't help but wonder if something will end up holding me back here when I finally decide this is what I want to do for sure. Ah, just like deciding what to wear every morning, this is just another one of life's tough questions that can only be answered at the very last minute.


Paul Kishimoto said...

Congrats, Lil.

whit said...

incase you didn't see it on facebook, those are amazing shoes, lil.