Sunday, March 16, 2008

I've Got to Keep it Together

It's crunch time for me. I've got to get in shape. Not only for the Cheerleading tryouts next weekend, but just in general. Outdoor Sports Season is a-coming and I plan on coming full force into it: football, baseball, tennis, beach volleyball, dance, yoga ... you name it, I will do try it.

I think I've had enough of winter and cabin fever. Let's carry on.

I'm trying hard not to take a nap right now, even though it would feel so good right now. Problem is, I know if napped now, I won't be able to sleep and wake up early tomorrow for a meeting with clients.

The past weekend will surely shave off another year off my life. On Friday, the weekly Poker night was canceled so I went to My Apartment Nightclub. I really wanted to get my dance on as a workout. It was a good night, sorta.

The Good: Jezrin called me at the last minute and she actually came clubbing. I sense this is the beginning of me introducing shoving her back into a 20-something's social life.

The Bad: I got pulled over again. I'm mere months from obtaining my full driver's license. He pulled me over for me being in an intersection while the light was yellow. Whatever. WHATEVER.

[after giving the cop my driver's license, registration and insurance, he walked back to his car]

Me, slumped over the steering wheel: My night is officially ruined.

Cuong: Don't let this ruin your night.

Me: The night hasn't even begun and it's already ruined

Cop, comes out of nowhere: Don't speak so soon.

Oh shit.

The good thing is, he gave me just a warning. So I guess this goes under "The Good"...

Saturday was the night most hard-working people would celebrate St. Patrick's day, since this year, the actual day lands on a Monday. I was looking forward to going to Windsor for St. Patty's Day again this year, but alas, plans fall through and we had to reschedule that trip. I was looking forward to not having to 'plan' the event for everyone else in town and leave everyone else to their own devices but since I was in town, the party stayed in town. ;)

On a whim, I decided to combine my 'party' with Vicki's. And why not? We each had 'duties' of being the ones to plan this thing so we might as well join forces (or just be lazy and rely on Vicki for the main planning and hosting). It turned out to be an awesome idea. It felt good combining our 'second-families'. The Polish and the Russians duked it out on Wii tennis as a sort of nationalistic pride thing and Nick even realized that one of Vicki's friends was his boss! Small friggin' world. I think the Europeans even outnumbered the Asians, for once. First we had a pre-party at Vicki's abode. Jello shots, alcohol, Wii galore! Once we got nice and tipsy (me, drunk), we piled into 5 cars and went to West 50.

I think at this point, one would call this the 'climax' of the evening. The major problem was that since Mel's bday, West 50 did not forget Cuong's face when they kicked him out the last time. Or at least, the bouncer didn't forget his face and then made some absurd excuse that half of us couldn't get in because we were wearing running shoes (even though he had let in tons of sneaker-footed people ahead of us). After a little chiding, and me having a talk with the manager (again!), we were finally let in on the condition that Cuong "didn't give [them] shit or else we would all be thrown out". I think it's safe to say that we won't be returning to West 50 so it's a good thing we made the most of the rest of the night.

As usual, they had a live cover band and a DJ. I loved belting out the tunes but I finally lost my voice singing screaming "Killing Me Softly" and then I was done (speaking-wise).

The after-party carried on back to Vicki's house. We stayed up until 5:30 am until I finally had to kick everyone out of Vicki's house. Some of us crashed (uncomfortably) at Vicki's and woke up groggily at about 11 am to clean up and get something to eat.

Today I think I found a wrinkle, which is kinda terrifying me right now. I really don't know how long I can last through these partied-out weekends, but I have a feeling this is only the beginning...

^ I guess there's no point in not tagging Nick in drunk Facebook pics because his boss already caught the live show...

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