Friday, March 21, 2008

I Hear You Callin'

Last night I went to see David Guetta @ CiRCA nightclub with Yuri, Tom and Konrad. For those who don't know him, he's a DJ (which I realized just last night) and he spins House music. He was pretty good, although I don't really know how to judge how well he played music seeing I didn't even know half the songs he played (I know the one that he made that is always on the radio). He was good in a sense that he kept me dancing for like 5 hours straight.

I'm not really sure why I went and agreed to pay $50 to go (and then it actually turned out to be $60). Yuri just asked and I said I would go and the rest is history. We got there super early because this party was much-anticipated and it was really a good thing we did. Apparently by 10:30, the line up was creeping to the next block. I think everyone was there, because people I don't usually see or wouldn't expect to see were there: like this kid I knew from elementary school (who Konrad also knew. Hello, small world) and the guy I always buy juice from at Freshly Squeezed (I think he recognized me too).

By midnight, the place was swamped. I opted to wear my new LAMB running shoes, which was a good and bad idea. It was good because I comfortably danced for hours on end and wouldn't have stopped had I been sufficiently hydrated and fed. It was bad because wearing running shoes make me the tiniest person in the room and of course, I and the shoes were trampled amongst the sea of dancing giants. I had to dance on stage for most of the night to get some oxygen and to protect my feet.

I didn't really realize how popular this David Guetta guy was until I got there and everyone was screaming his name. From what I could see, he's not that much of a rockstar-quality (except for his shiny shirt) so I guess it's the music he spins is what attracts the crowds.

This guy I was dancing with even came all the way from the Dominican Republic to Toronto to see/hear him! Yeah, it was a bit surprising that 1.) People travel to see/hear this guy, and 2.) a Black guy likes House music (and he was even decked out in glow sticks). Not that that there's a problem with that. I'm just saying.

We left at about 3 am, and it was a good thing we did because we beat the rush when he finished playing at 4. We hit an all-night restaurant and I had quesadillas, which I'm paying for right now.

When I got home, I realized it was 5 am. Oooooh boy.

It has occurred to me that my musical horizons are expanding. I've superseded listening to primarily hip hop music to rock (mostly German and Germenglish) and now, I've developed a taste for House. I've even been sporting black nail polish lately, which isn't like me (that is, to be emo or wear nail polish). Look at me, I'm growing.

Gotta wake up tomorrow at 6 for Argos tryout. My sleep schedule is fucked.

This one's for you, Vicki. I missed that "Love is Gone" song... but here's one I think you and I will love...

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