Sunday, November 11, 2007

Someone else is getting older and it's not me! YAY!

Man, I haven't partied hard in awhile... until last night. Right now I'm feeling really exhausted. I'm kinda glad my plans to do a The Office marathon with Alex didn't go through. I got about 5 hours of sleep at Vicki's and then I had brunch with Quang and the Lam family this morning. Mind you, I was heavily hungover. Greasy rich Chinese food really did the trick.

Vicki's birthday celebration actually started the night before. Me, Vicki and Jonny went out to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse ($) for dinner. It was fantastic and delicious and no doubt, expensive. I know alot of people would argue that it doesn't make sense to pay $50 for a steak but I will just assume that those people don't know the meaning of 'fine dining'. A steak can just be a steak if you want it to be. People don't dish out $50 for a steak just because they're hungry. They just want to eat a 'real steak'. Personally I love fine dining because I don't mind spending the money to taste 'real food'.

Last night, we started out with the usual pre-drinking at Vicki's. We were actually also celebrating Peter's birthday as well, so it was a double-birthday. Vicki got a gift card, but not before being tricked into thinking she was getting a vibrator first. The guys put someone's cell phone in there and as she was unwrapping the gift, she felt it vibrate and got pissed because evidently everyone told her she'd be getting a vibrator. Haha.

So we piled into a limo and headed for Muzik Nightclub, which turned out to be more fabulous than I had anticipated. I wasn't looking forward to all the house music, but I was pleasantly surprised with the venue. It was very. very posh. So posh that I was feeling slightly intimidated because everyone there looked so good. I soon figured out why when I discovered the hair and make up lounge in the club, complete with hairstylists, make up artists and free champagne. It was amazing because they gave Vicki the 'big hair' she had wanted (but had since died down from her hair appointment) and I had originally came in with curled hair but I got it 'touched up' professionally. He kinda made my bangs too curly but meh... it was all freeeeeee (but they could easily swing it because the cover charge to the club was $20!).

The rest of the evening was great and I didn't even mind all that house music. Near the end they even played music "that I prefer" so it was alllll good. We got back to Vicki's and I fell asleep as the guys were still hyped up and playing Wii (probably because they were high as kites). Thank goodness it'll probably be awhile until I can party like this again because I'm going to go rub my sore feet and lie down my pounding head.

^ Hmm, a long surprise?
^The Bananas drinking banana liqeur
^Flossy, flossy
^"I want BIG HAIR"
^The girls with our hair did
^Vicki and her cousins

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