Saturday, November 17, 2007

Harder Faster Stronger

I'm deliriously happy that the week is over although it would be hard to tell from the look on my face: tired eyes, yawning and not doing much but sitting in front of my laptop on this Saturday morning. Why am I awake this early? Because of indigestion from last night's late-night fast food binge brought to me by Burger King. Nothing ends a Friday night than sitting in the BK parking lot noshing on greasy food. Mmm.

I can now breathe easier for the rest of the year. A big litigation case I had been working on is over and I can give a big sigh of relief. Also I managed to do all ten or so of my closings this week, which is a big accomplishment even if you don't get what I mean.

Also, I had to let go of yet another assistant. *sigh* I don't mean to sound arrogant, but why can't I just find someone as good as me? I'm sick of hiring, training, re-training (because they forget what they learned the first week) and then firing. Apparently my situation is not uncommon as I have spoken with some other friends in positions where they require an assistant and are in similar situations (but in different workplaces). Is it just me, or have most people just lost or don't ever acquire common sense? Seriously, I don't ask for too much, but even simple office tasks are just too much to remember, let alone handle. Yep, I'm irritable as of late.

In other more joyous news, I recently found out not one, but two friends of mine each had babies this week (not together, one is a highschool friend and one is a college friend and they're both male). I'm in awe of all this because this is just too fast! I can hardly fathom knowing anyone my age getting married, let alone have offspring! [Insert obligatory "OMG WE'RE OLD" comment]

Okay so the Hell Week is over. I can finally get back to regular programming. I've got lots to do, especially after this 'delay' where I had no energy or time to do any personal things for the past two weeks because of work. Time to put things in fourth gear and get going. Hey, the year is almost over!

Things to do before noon:

- call bank and ask them why I'm not rich[er]

- plan Vermont trip/convince others why driving to Banff for 1.5 days straight is ridiculous

- book hotel suite for superfantastic hotel birthday party in Niagara (in the words of Biggie, "If ya don't know, now ya know.")

- take a nap?

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Paul Kishimoto said...

This year we get yelled at to stay quiet by Niagara hotel staff, instead of Toronto hotel staff?

I hope they're more polite.