Saturday, February 16, 2008


Hellloooo from NEW YORK! Actually, I'm in New Jersey now. I was in NYC for the past three days and lo-oved it! I think I shall seriously consider moving and become a New Yorker. I don't think there's one thing I don't like about it.

I'll post some pictures but I should first rewind. I haven't been at a computer, or I should say, online, for the longest time because I was super busy before coming here. Not to mention the last minute ticket-getting and all, I also had a concert the day right before my flight. I know, I know. My dad says I tend to burn two ends of a candle all the time. A concert and then leave right after? I'm ridiculous. But I'm fantastic when it comes to planning like this.

I was excited to hear that finally one of my favourite oversea bands was finally coming to North America (BoA, I'm still waiting!). However, I really underestimated Tokio Hotel's popularity in Canada, let alone North America. The doors were set to open at 7 pm so I figured, "Eh, we'll get there at 7. It's not like it's going to be packed..."

...WRONG!! Firstly, I had originally purchased two tickets but then a week before the concert, I wanted to get another one for Whitney. I really wish I didn't procrastinate (although, in my defense, I was swamped with trying to finish everything at work before I left and trying to secure plane tickets for the trip simultaneously) because I did not anticipate the concert being sold out. WHAT?! Who the hell knows about a little band from Germany? Turns out the internet is quite a powerful little tool.

The concert was last Sunday night and it was bitterly cold. I regretted opting out of wearing Uggs at the last minute because when we got there, there was a massive line up. I truly thank Mel for coming with me because I don't know a.) how I would've gotten there, b.) how I could've beared staying out in that cold for 45 minutes before they let us in, c.) I could've taken awesome pictures while I was watching the show, and d.) how I could've made some money off some girlie yuppies (I'll explain later). Thanks, Little Sister. :) Although, she did say she wanted to go to look at the 'freak show' that is the lead singer, Bil Kauvitz.

When we finally got in, I got a look at the fans that showed up and it was what I had feared: teen-aged girls. Screaming teen-aged girls. Screaming, skanky teen-aged girls. And their mothers. Ugghhh. Why couldn't they have been mature fans, who applaud, not scream?

The concert itself was quite good. They sang all the songs I favoured from their new English album and even some of the German versions. The concert was short, but good. I really don't know how it could've gone on longer anyway. Those screaming girls don't have that much of a lung capacity, do they? These chicks were hardcore. They sang along to every song, even the German versions.

At the end of the concert, in true rock-form style, the band members through their towels and water bottles into the crowd. Mel, being the giant that she is, managed to catch a used towel from the bassist.

Now, I have to stop and say this. Being at that concert was like Beetlemania. I was once a young girl with marital yearnings of certain band members in my hay day, so I could somewhat feel empathetic to most of the girls in the concert. But let's be clear: I'm 24 now. I'm not attracted to any of the band members (who, might I add, are barely legal). I just like their music and I like looking at freak shows. There were several chicks (several young chicks with their mothers) who actually came all the way from Europe!

So the towel Mel caught was a little bit exciting. But because I'm 24, I knew better and I know a used towel, no matter whose sweat is on it, is still a used towel. I didn't want to take the filthy thing home but I didn't want to just throw it away. So I found some girls hanging out outside of the club and told them it was the guitarist's towel, when really it was the bassist's. Why did I lie? Because I knew the guitarist was more popular and I figured I could get more money for it. Haha, yeah I know, I have no shame. Honestly, those girls are lucky I didn't scam them out of more than $20 because in about 10 years they'll realize how foolish it is to buy a used towel (or I'll realize that towel is worth $10,000).

Anyway, I'm going back to NYC now.

^Young, skanky German chicks

^Idiot with a huge sign in front of me

^Inexplicable hair

^This guy has the biggest ego and you could so tell with the way he was performing
^Rock out with your cock out

^You're welcome, ladies

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