Monday, February 04, 2008

Doctor Mom

My birthday finally ended today. I just had a pretty awesome dinner with the ladies tonight (thanks for the Coach purse!!). We went to the most expensive restaurant in Toronto, CANOE, which is at the top of the TD Canada Trust building. I remember having a job interview there with a large law firm and I'm glad I didn't get it. The office is on like, the zillionth floor, and riding the elevator everyday would be like riding a rollercoaster. *barf*

Today I also went to see my doctor for the first time in eight years. The secretary even mentioned she had quite the task of finding my file, which was probably all the way in their dusty archives. Why did I decide to go to the doctor's after almost a decade? Well, I figured with all this hubbub about family doctors dropping like flies in Canada, I decided to drop by and remind my doctor that I'm still alive. Also, I had come up with a couple of health questions over the last eight years that I needed answers to.

However, I think I now need to change my doctor. My mom got me this white female doctor because (1) I needed to 'graduate' from my pediatrician and (2) she thought getting a female doctor would be more helpful if I had...certain problems. Haha, I still remember having the argument with her about how a doctor cannot reveal my medical records to her just because she was my mother and she was furious. I kinda wish I had a young, hip, [possibly hot] male doctor. For one, I don't think they would be as judgmental about anyone's sex life, especially a female's, as a female doctor would.

Just like how you shouldn't lie to your lawyer, I didn't want to lie to my doctor. She asked me the tough questions, I gave her the straight up answers. Her reactions were, in not so many words, judgmental. At least, that's how I felt. The answers I gave were, let's just say, not so favourable, she frowned, she told me that I shouldn't have done it, all I could do was shrug.

"Do you use condoms every time?"



"You should use condoms every single time."

"Yeah, I know..."

"Any reasons why you wouldn't use a condom every time?"


Honestly, what kind of question is that?

There were more questions and I gave her more sheepish answers. I felt like Samantha from Sex and the City when she went to go get that HIV test and the doctor asks her all those questions. I'm not as bad as Samantha, but my doctor made me feel like it. You would think she probably hears all kinds of crazy stories, probably far worse than mine. Or maybe most of her patients are children. I felt like I was talking to a less freaked out version of my mother.

She asked me to make an appointment again with her shortly. I made the appointment for eight years from now.

I know there's like some sort of doctor shortage, but how hard do you think it will be to find a hot, young male doctor in the Mississauga area? Hm?


Louise said...

I know an EXTREMELY hot doctor, but unfortunately, the only thing he examines is your mental problems (he's a psychiatrist). Let me know if you're still depressed in a few months ;)

whit said...

louise, does he offer discounts to out of work hot girls?