Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sick of getting older

Twenty years from now when someone asks me where I was when the first Black President was elected I will tell them I was lying sick as a dog on my couch.

On Monday, I started to feel ill with a severe sore throat, stiff neck and headache. Today I finally gave in and stayed home from work. I just came home from the walk-in clinic and I was told that I had the Common Cold. I was both annoyed and elated by this news. I was annoyed that I had to walk the two blocks to the clinic to find out that all I had was the Common Cold (which I have never had, which was why I was worried about my symptoms). I was elated that I didn't have strep throat or something more serious. And that I live in a nation where I didn't have to [directly] pay for that silly 5-minute diagnosis.

I guess it's my fault that my body succumbed to something as common as the Common Cold. I've always prided myself on my undefeated immune system but alas, I am getting older and hard partying ain't what it used to be. Case in point, the huge Halloween party I went to on Friday night, and the post-party hangover recovery for the rest of that weekend:

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