Monday, May 19, 2008

Do Scientists Have Good Sex?

Yuri sent me this interesting link awhile ago. An excerpt from the study goes like this:

Does the female orgasm serve a biological purpose?

A few years back, a biologist at Indiana University, Elisabeth Lloyd, devoted an entire book to this question called The Case of the Female Orgasm. She evaluated ten theories purporting to explain the evolutionary function of female orgasm, and found all of them lacking. Her conclusion: female orgasm belongs in the same file with male nipples. Male and female embryos start out with the same equipment, and then part ways. Men are left with nonfunctioning breasts; women are left with nonfunctioning penises. Not everyone agrees with her, however.

The comments for the article are hilarious but here is the intellectual discussion that ensued between Yuri and I:

Yuri: Female orgasms are apparently vestigal.

Me: What's 'vestigal'?

Yuri: Kind of like male nipples; they are 'evolutionary leftovers'. They serve no evolutionary purpose.

Me: So female orgasms don't matter?

Yuri: Apparently so.

Me: Did a man write this?

Yuri: NOPE!

Me: I don't think this woman's actually experienced an orgasm or good sex. Her next scientific study should be: Can Scientists Have Good Sex?

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Paul Kishimoto said...

As a matter of fact, numerous studies about the sexual behaviour of scientists are ongoing. However, for obvious reasons it's taking them longer than anticipated to obtain useful results.