Monday, August 13, 2007

Just Marred (no, that's not a typo)

This past weekend, it was my cousin's wedding. I would say it was a long time coming. And I'm not talking about the wedding. The wedding itself took 3 months to plan (long story) but my cousin marrying his wife, was a long time coming. Like, since they were in middle school-long time. Don't you just love unrequited love that eventually becomes... requited? Actually, don't get me started on that. Ha.

The ceremony was lovely, even in the air conditioner-less church. Mel and I barely made it for the 'I Do's' but thanks to my fantastic Hwy. 401 driving from the West end to the East end, we made it just in time for those mandatory family pictures.

After the ceremony, we went to the Best Man's crazy huge house, er, mansion. It was a pretty fantastic house, I must say it was quite extravagant and real estate drool-worthy. The wedding party chilled there for even more pictures (as if there couldn't possibly be more pictures, there were photogs e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e). It was paparazzi madness. I guess everyone's automatically a photographer if they have a $400 camera.

I was so in love with the dress I wore to the wedding reception. I found this lovely Nicole Miller number from Holt's that was originally tagged at $800 and I got it for $60 (hellooooo, Last Call).

For once, I actually had a role in the wedding: taking attendance and making sure people signed the guestbook. :) The wedding reception was your typical Chinese reception: 10-course meal, embarrassing games for the newlyweds, me kicking myself getting choked up over the speeches.

The wedding was pretty good, even though there was a lot of last-minute planning involved. And as much as I am not a real believer in marriage, I've come to realize that I really do like weddings. There's nothing to really not like about weddings: free food, a chance to dress up, the planning, the pre-parties, presents, booze... all that stuff to distract you from realizing that singledom ceased the moment you said 'I Do'.

P.S. They didn't play Etta James' "At Last", but they really should have. I should be a wedding planner. F'realz.

^In lieu of air conditioning
^My cousin trying to be all GQ
My cousin, after taking this picture: "Wait, why am I holding the flowers?"
^Stupid photographer ruined all my good amateur shots
^If noone tells them to sign, who will?
^Me and the worst groomsman ever

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Kathy said...

In one of your photos, a girl is wearing flip flops! Lol...